What makes NextRoad different?

NextRoad was created on 2 ideas, to save you time and to be your partner in building your credit.

  • Save you time

    Instead of spending countless hours of your free time going from dealership to dealership to shop for vehicle options, only to find out you either weren’t approved for financing, or the vehicle you wanted has sold because you were shopping for the best rates. NextRoad has created a seamless process with our non-commissioned specialists to match you with the best vehicle option, best rate, and a payment you can afford all from the comfort of your home.

  • With you ever step of the way

    Unlike other vehicle finance brokers, our team of credit specialists will provide you with a tailored-only-for-you automotive finance plan which will consist of specific credit building tips and check-in dates to ensure you’re on the NextRoad to a better credit situation.

I have good credit – Why should I use NextRoad?

NextRoad saves you time, and the guess-work from your vehicle purchase. Our specialists work to get you the best approval and the best vehicle options all within hours & from the comfort of your home.

What are the interest rates?

At NextRoad we work with a variety of lenders. Typically, the rates are determined by your credit situation, vehicle specifications and the length of the loan.

What is the minimum requirement to apply?

Typically, the minimum requirements for an auto loan are:

  • You are the age of majority in B.C

  • You are a Permanent Resident or a Canadian Citizen

  • You are receiving a monthly income of $1,800 before taxes per month

I’ve gone through (or are currently in) Consumer Proposal/Bankruptcy/Credit Counselling, can I still get financing?

Yes, we assist clients with all types of credit situations. At NextRoad, our credit specialists will match you with the best lending partner that has specific programs dedicated towards anyone going through credit insolvency.